My Approach


My focus as a piano teacher is to cultivate in my students a love and appreciation of music and I enjoy watching my students experience the satisfaction of making music. It is gratifying when my students seek out musical experiences beyond lessons, as this shows their interest in music. I understand the importance of maintaining student enthusiasm and motivation for learning music. Determining what kinds of music each student enjoys helps me to keep his or her interest and motivation. I strive to nurture in my students an understanding that persistence helps to overcome challenges, and that they should never be afraid to fail, as success often follows moments when a student is not quite able.

I love working and connecting with people of all ages, and I enjoy the challenge of helping my students overcome barriers to learning.

I teach all levels and ages. I teach classical piano and use the Royal Conservatory books and curriculum. My students consistently receive excellent feedback and results from conservatory exams. I also teach popular music, learning by ear and chord reading. Some students prefer to learn in a non-traditional approach, and I am happy to accommodate their needs.

Harmony, History, Theory

I teach music theory, harmony and history as well, and prepare students for their RCM co-requisite exams in these areas. I can give lessons in person, or online by using FaceTime. Both online and in person lessons work well and I provide learning materials. A textbook must usually be bought.  Examinations are in May, August or December. I can prepare students for co-requisite exams for level 6 through 8 theory exams, as well as level 9 or 10 harmony and/or history. History requires in person lessons at my home.